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Occupational health, safety, environmental management and quality services

Constultancy and Training

  • Training
  • Safety and health training for SHE Committees as prescribed by Department of Health and Safety Services (DOHSS)
  • Advanced training for safety, health and environment representatives – ‘the how to’
  • Assist line managers in managing SHE in organizations
  • Accident and Incident investigations
  • Management system implementation - OSHAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Facilitate risk assessment and perform incident investigations
  • Provide guidance on how to draw up emergency action programmes
  • Create awareness and implement behavioural safety systems
  • Assist in the implementation of legal requirements in terms of safety and environmental laws
  • Implementation of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OHSE) systems for Small - Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Implementation of transport safety within industry

Our Approach

Aristotle put it right, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. At IOSHEM we believe in offering quality service, all the time. Doing it right, first time round. It is for this reason that IOSHEM provides services that are tried and tested in the disciplines related to Occupational Health & Safety,Quality, Environment, Hygiene, Food Safety and Customer related services.

Our learning is outcome based, meaning that we take into consideration the busy lifestyle of our clients who have to deliver their organizations strategic obligations without compromising quality whilst training. In outcome-based learning, all IOSHEM programs and instructional efforts are designed to have produced specific, lasting results in the participants. Courses are therefore designed with this in mind, ensuring continual improvement in all areas. After service follow-ups are carried out as necessary to ascertain that customers are using their knowledge to improve on their bottom line. IOSHEM assists organizations to discern future conditions, develop performance Indicators as well as in determining how the programmes fit into their organization’s broad strategies.

Training Courses

The basic elements underscored by our training programmes involve a combination of the following elements:
  • Understanding Systems and Processes
  • Using Problem-Solving Teams and Teamwork
  • Identifying and understanding Customer Needs
  • Practical/hands on experience as necessary
  • Assessment to test understanding
Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety
Description:This course creates awareness and demystifies occupational health and safety concepts in the workplace. It particularly targets new employees at all levels within the organization, first timers into the employment world, administrative, clerical and other staff. It provides an overview of health and safety systems as well associated legal framework. It can be used as an induction for key personnel responsible for the health and safety welfare of employees.
Target Group:New employees, Supervisors, Middle & Senior Management

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Employee Health and Safety Training course
Description:This is a basic course that provides an overview of the principles and benefits of implementing SHE in the workplace. Participants learn the importance of complying to SHE standards in the minimization of accidents and incidents and how to take charge of their own and co-workers’ safety.
Target Group:This course is suitable for contractors and casuals as well as newly appointed SHE representatives. It is also suitable for unionisable staff.

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Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Representative Course
Description:This course focuses on the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2007 and related legislation. It details the responsibilities of SHE Representatives, role and functions in the execution of their duties to fulfill Company and legal requirements.
Participants will be able to identify, evaluate and record SHE hazards in their work stations and be able to evaluate the risks inherent in operational tasks and processes.
Target Group:Employees, Supervisors, Middle Management

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Incident and Accident Investigation Course
Description:This is a detailed but simple approach to incident and accident investigation procedures and techniques.
Target Group:Supervisors, line managers, SHE Committee members and representatives. It is also recommended for HR personnel and Insurance staff.

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Occupational Health & Safety Legal Framework
Description:Participants will benefit from having an in-depth understanding of Kenya’s legal requirements these include an understanding of such legislation such as; Occupational health and safety Act, Fire and Hazardous Substances, Work Injury Benefits Act, Safety and Health Committee Rules, Noise Prevention and Control Rules, Medical Examination Rules amongst others.
Target Group:All employees

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Occupational Hygiene
Description:Participants attending this course will be presented with a comprehensive overview of occupational hygiene stressors and related employee exposure, hazards and measurements. It is recommended for Occupational health practitioners, SHE personnel, managers, representatives and committee members. It is also recommended for engineers and process design staff.
Target Group:Employees in the Workplace, Hospitals, Hotels, Food Industry

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SHE Advanced Management Course
Description:The above course is offered to Safety Practitioners and/or Officers in the field requiring an upgrade of skills in Occupational health and safety. The training includes planning, implementation and maintenance of a SHE programme within the workplace. Besides Safety, Health and Environment practitioners, this course is recommended for occupational health practitioners and hygienists, DOHSS inspectors, design engineers, HR and line managers, risk and insurance employees.
Target Group:All listed above.

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OHSMart (OHS and SMEs) Training Course
Description:This course is customized for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) with none or little experience on the requirements of OHSA 2007 or EMCA 1999. They will benefit from this first hand approach to legislation and what their role is, as entrepreneurs.
It is a simplified and smart way to ensure businesses are meeting safety, quality and environment management systems without complications.
Target Group:All SME Employers,and Employees,other Interested parties.

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Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Training Course
Description:This course enables participants conceptualize and implement basic environmental management systems in line with the principles of ISO 14000. Organizations aiming to implement ISO 14000, cleaner production programmes or EMS will benefit from this training as it creates awareness, and in-depth understanding of the requirements.
Target Group:Supervisors, Middle Management, Environmental Management Committees

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Quality Management Course
Description:This course focuses on the implementation of integrated management systems, whether together or singly. These include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 specifically. This session provides an overview of the above systems. Participants are introduced to the requirements of the standards enabling them to make a decision on the best fit for individual organizations.
Target Group:Quality Assurance and Control Staff, Supervisors and Managers.

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IOSHEM Risk Based Approach (IRBA)
Description: This course is designed to provide participants with basic knowledge of risk assessment processes as well as familiarize themselves with fundamental issues concerning the workplace risks and hazards. Participants will at the end of the course be able to identify hazards, convert them to risks, prioritize and formulate an action plan to address these risks within the workplace.
Target Group: Supervisors, Middle Management, Safety, Health & Environmental Management Committees

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IOSHEM Auditors Course
Description: Participants in this course will be provided with audit skills which will assist them in carrying out internal audits within the workplace. These skills may be used for auditing organizational processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness whilst meeting strategic goals.
Target Group: Supervisors, Middle Management, Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Management Committees

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Kocha (Train-the-Trainer) Course
Description: This provides inductive training course to instructors and training officers involved in disseminating knowledge on Safety, Environment and Quality related courses by enhancing capabilities in specific areas. The course outline covers principles of adult learning, needs analysis, job analysis, course design, techniques and presentation skills, venue planning and preparation, lesson plans, testing, evaluation as well administration.
Target Group: Supervisors, Middle Management, Safety, Health & Environmental Management Committees, HR personnel, Training Co-ordinators

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